This is a timeline chronicling all of the fictional events in the Bubblegum Crisis and A.D. Police universe.

Original TimelineEdit

  • 2006 - Daley Wong is Born
  • 2007 - Leon McNichol is Born
  • 2010 - Sylia Stingray is Born
  • 2012 - Linna Yamazaki is Born
  • 2013 - Priscilla Asagiri is Born
  • 2014 - Nene Romanova is Born
  • 2015 - Mackie Stingray is Born
  • 2018 - Reika and Irene Chang's parents are killed in a traffic accident and the suspects, Gulf & Bradley (G&B), are found innocent from lack of evidence.
  • 2020 - The first Boomer is built by Dr. Stingray at Wiz Labs
  • 2021 - The Griffon line of sports cars is developed
  • 2022 - Brian J. Mason kills Dr. Stingray and burns down Wiz Labs. It is then covered up as an accident
  • 2024 - The construction of Genom Towers around the world begins
  • 2025 - The Second Great Kanto Earthquake levels most of Tokyo; Priss' parents are killed.
  • 2026 - SDPC constructs the orbital station Genaros
  • 2027 - Boomer Rampages rise; Linna's parents are killed in one of those incidents. The First A.D. Police units formed. The Griffon car line ends
  • 2029 - Priss starts her singing career
  • 2030 - Sylia starts construction of the Hardsuits in secret
  • 2031 - Priss, Nene, and Linna are recruited by Sylia to form the Knight Sabers. A prototype powersuit is developed for close combat fighting. Due to too many faults in the design, the program is halted. Boomer rampages increase dramatically. The events of Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal happen.
  • 2032 - A USSD satellite misfires destroying Aqua City
    • Irene Chang is murdered
    • Brian J. Mason is killed by the Knight Sabers
    • The US Dept of Defense holds a new weapons competition. Six companies compete, Genom and G&B included, but the Kyuusei Industries won.
  • 2033 - J.B. Gibson and Naomi Anderson are arrested after a long police chase through MegaTokyo in his "customed" Griffon.
    • A series of vampire murders occur throughout MegaTokyo
    • Sylvie is killed
    • USSD satellites were taking under control and attacked Genom Towers all over the world.
    • Anri is killed
    • Largo is killed
    • Genom and G&B form a partnership. On the same night, the chairman of G&B is murdered.
    • Vision begins her tour of Japan
    • A strange battlemover starts attacking Genom facilities
    • Lisa Vanette takes pictures of the Knight Sabers
    • The Knight Sabers upgrade their Hardsuits
    • The ADP building is hijacked by rogue Boomers.
    • Dr. Miriam Yoshida is arrested by Leon McNichol for terrorism

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