A Sexaroid is a type of Voomer illegally modified to serve as a prostitute.


They had a system that allowed them to pump anandamide into her client's bloodstream (shown left). Ananamide is a narcotic that puts the brain into an incredible pleasure state, but it wasn't illegal as it was already produced by human hormones. The Sexaroid's controller would create the substance in a lab using a fatty acid called arachidonic acid. Due to the effects of anandamide, some men preferred Sexaroid's to human prostitutes. It is unknown if they had male Sexaroid's to service female clients.

Model 33-S Edit

A model that was quickly decommissioned, it was designed to feed on human blood to give it more lifelike human qualities. Several were kept at Space Station Genaros to service the crew there; however, they later mounted an escape. Only two of them, Sylvie and Anri, successfully escaped. Anri was injured in the escape, forcing Sylvie to kill and drain human of their blood so she could feed it to Anri and help her recover.

It is unknown if Model 33-S Sexaroid's had an ananmide injection system.

Known Sexaroids Edit