Reika chang

Reika Chang (レイカ・張) is a Chinese-American singer who performs under the name Vision. In Double Vision, she travels to Megatokyo to start her world tour, but her music career is merely a facade. She is the elder sister of Irene Chang, who was murdered by the Genom Corporation in Born to Kill. Moreover, she is an heiress to the "Hou Bang", a powerful Chinese clan bent on destroying GENOM and the American firm Gulf & Bradley - both of whom are collaborating on a Super Boomer project. Linna eventually manages to help Reika abandon her path of revenge and convinces her to continue her singing career.

Reika was intended to replace Priss in the series when a dispute with Kinuko Oomori's recording contract arose and the character was originally to be killed, but an outcry from fans convinced the producers otherwise and reversed this decision. This is alluded to further in Scoop Chase, when Reika makes a cameo appearance at the drive-in theater where Sylia is meeting with Fargo. She appears in the movie playing behind them on-screen, wearing a dark blue hardsuit similar to the Knight Sabers, but without a helmet.

Reika is voiced by Maiko Hashimoto in the Japanese version. She is also her character's singing voice. In the English version, she is voiced by Mindi Lyons for her normal voice while the singing voice is provided by Cyndi Wheeler.