A project created by the USSD, they possess a range-vs-target alignment error: 10-10 or less. Each one is capable of destroying an area up to a 1000 km radius. They created Cynthia as a weapon to synchronize with the orbital satellites.

Sylia Stingray was disgusted that over 200 of them were floating over her head, while the USSD claimed they were vital to the security of their country and maintaining the peace between various countries. It is unknown which belief is dominant among the general populace.

History Edit

By the time of Bubblegum Crisis, the USSD had over 200 satellites in orbit around Earth. After Cynthia was created, she was kidnapped by a group of Boomers and taken to Aqua City. One of the Boomers proceeded to go on a nano-stampede, and Cynthia panicked when she began to be absorbed and used the satellites to destroy Aqua City.

The "black box" that allowed Cynthia to synchronize with the satellites was later stolen by Mason. It was given to the Super Boomer, who used it during its fight against the Knight Sabers, and later by Largo as proof of his god-like status. Using the satellites, Largo would proceed to instantly destroy three of Genom's branch companies.