Kenji Sorime is a human politician and revolutionist. To the public, he smiles and says he doesn't hate Voomers or AI's, merely dislikes how dependent humans are becoming to them. In reality, he considers Voomers an electrical appliance, something to be programmed.

Voomers spoil the spiritual difference between the strong and the weak as a Voomer will flatter a weak soul if that's what they're programmed for. It is the privilege of the strong to control the weak as they wish and for the weak to receive spiritual pleasure for being submissive to them. That is the food cycle for society. Voomers are unnatural and horrific creations, ugly humanoid impersonations. Humans are the apex of creation.

History: Parasite Dolls Edit

Knights of a Round Table Edit

Sorime is the Minister of Justice and a presidential candidate. He leads a group of anti-Boomer terrorists who have been brutally killing every Voomer they can find. Takahashi initially covers for him as he agrees, but later states he will stop as Sorime is declaring a revolution. Sorime shoots a Voomer that had been on his desk and declares that it felt no sadness or pain, but was just an appliance, an unnatural creation.

He then shoots one of his men behind him in the leg, causing him to cry out. Humans, he says, can rule supreme because they can feel pain and have the will to conquer that pain and fulfill their dreams. All Sorime is trying to do is "cut away the excess of our time." He orders the person he shot, Tamiya, to stand and purify himself and he silently does so, though with some struggle.

Takahashi declares Sorime has gone mad, but Sorime takes it as a compliment. History may call him a revolutionist and lunatic, but he will also be the "standard-bearer of justice that brought back mankind's culture" - a holy knight that saved it from darkness - by getting rid of the Voomers. He then tears out the tongue of the Voomer he killed with his teeth and baths in the spray of blood, proclaiming he would become a legend. He then shoots and kills Takahashi.