Jb gibson

James Brady Gibson is a character from Revenge Road. He drives a heavily modified Griffon supercar. A few years before Bubblegum Crisis, Gibson and his girlfriend Naomi were assaulted on the road by a biker gang, which resulted in Naomi's mind locked in a catatonic state. In retaliation, Gibson modified his Griffon with one goal: to destroy the biker gang responsible.

However, his crusade backfires when the car develops a mind of its own after having been equipped with a device that interfaces with his brainwaves. During a high-speed chase, the Knight Sabers successfully extract Gibson and Naomi out of the speeding Griffon before A.D. Police dispose of the vehicle. They are both mentioned by Sylia to have been arrested by the police and their fates are not shown afterwards.

Gibson is voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa in Japanese and Zach Hanner in English.