"Would you like to dream?"

Eve is a Voomer illegally modified to serve as a prostitute by the Puppet Master. She was the closest thing to a human a Voomer had ever been, albeit a copy of one. She had dreams and visions of a girl in a red dress, a result of leftover fragments of memory of the person who was the copy master for her emotions.

History: Parasite Dolls Edit


One Month Ago Edit

Eve serviced the CEO of Genom at the Plaza Hotel. However, she was struck by one of her visions of the girl in the red dress and accidentally pumped so much anandamide into his bloodstream she killed him. Afterwards, Genom sent out the Sex Boomer Crusher to find and kill her to save face. Genom was so scandalized by having its CEO killed by its own product that they refused a formal A.D. Police investigation, although Branch would pick up the case.

Dreamer Edit