Genom city ablaze

The Domino Effect Explosion system (also called the Linked Explosion System) was a thesis paper written by Basil Nikvest in college on the topic of the dangers of urban crime. Kenji Sorime would later read this paper and be inspired by it.

Content Edit

By utilizing the electrical power that flows through the security lines in an emergency, you induce explosions in P3 bombs. Because they acquire the electricity to detonate them from emergency lights, P3 bombs, which have no power and no signal, register as non-volatile matter. The chances for the current hazardous material check systems to spot them is extremely low. The first explosion is used as impetus. Afterwards, the rest will use the red emergency lights as power and link together and explode.

History: Parasite Dolls Edit

Knights of a Round Table Edit

Sorime, to stop Voomer production, carried out the theorized attack on Megatokyo. 90% of Voomer production was halted and tens of thousands people were marked as either killed or missing. Every block of Megatokyo was remarked to be burning, reducing the mighty city to ruins.

Since Basil wrote the paper, he was blamed for the attack, forcing him to flee.