First appearing in Tinsel City, the Knight Sabers are hired to find her by the USSD after she is kidnapped by a group of Boomers. Although they are under the impression she is human, the Knight Sabers soon learn she is a Boomer and a weapon meant to synchronize with the fearsome orbital particle-beam satellites.

Powers Edit

With the aid of the "black box", she was able to observe everything that happens in the world, even seeing a doodle done by Nene. She is also able to fire the satellites to fire them at will. Using this power, she was able to sink the entirety of Aqua City in a matter of minutes.

Despite being a Boomer, she appears to lack their superhuman strength and durability. It can be ascertained from her reaction to the nano-stampeded that she may not have been aware she was a Boomer herself.

History: Edit


Tinsel City Edit

Cynthia is kidnapped by a group of Boomers and the USSD hire the Knight Sabers to rescue her, telling the Sabers that she is a six year old girl. Priss successfully locates Cynthia in Aqua City, interrupting Cynthia drawing a doodle Nene made earlier in the episode on the wall. Priss is stopped from removing her by her kidnappers. The Knight Sabers appear to combat the Boomers, and in the ensuing fight, one of the Boomers goes on a nano-stampede and begins to absorb Aqua City.

Cynthia is separated from Priss and panics when the Boomer begins to absorb her, revealing she herself is a Boomer. In desperation to make it go away, Cynthia uses the satellites to blow up Aqua City, the Boomer, and herself.

Born to Kill Edit

Brian J Mason's Boomers scuba-dive into the sunken ruins of Aqua City and successfully find Cynthia's body, removing the "black box."

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