Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal is a 4 issue american comic series prequel by Adam Warren.


In 2031 A.D., the mega-corporation Genom is on the rise as it rebuilds the devastated Tokyo from the Second Great Kanto Earthquake with their advanced cybernetic mechanoids known as "Boomers". But the new wave of wealth and prosperity cannot hide a growing undercurrent of violence and discontent; of a city on the verge on imploding on itself, like a bubble about to burst. As the AD Police struggles to cope with the rise of Boomer crimes and rampages, Mega-Tokyo's only hope lies in a band of high-tech vigilantes known as the Knight Sabers. But the Knight Sabers have problems of their own with a new high-tech opponent who threatens to destroy everything they hold dear.


  1. Bubblegm Crisis: Grand Mal chapter 1
  2. Bubblegm Crisis: Grand Mal chapter 2
  3. Bubblegm Crisis: Grand Mal chapter 3
  4. Bubblegm Crisis: Grand Mal chapter 4

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