Boomer drug

The Boomer Drug is a pill covertly made by Genom. Each grain was a non-mechanical, minuscule machine, which would be the best to affect a Voomer.

Common belief dictated it made Voomers go crazy and turn into Boomers. In reality, it installed incremental correction files to fix bugs. Genom was trying to correct defective Voomers in complete secrecy. This way, they wouldn't have to admit they made a mistake and lose credibility with a recall. If the defective Voomer turned into a Boomer before the drug reached them then that was too bad. They even used drug dealers to spread the pills.

History: Parasite Dolls Edit

A Faint Voice Edit

Once a week every Friday night, a Voomer goes crazy and aggressively wrecks havoc across town. One of the drug dealers feared the pills were the cause and contacted the A.D. Police. The dealer was killed by a Genom Boomer to silence him, but Branch member Buzz found the body and recovered the pills. His partner, a Voomer, ingested one of the pills to analyze it. His virus buster prevented him from being affected and he was able to discern their true purpose. Caine was one of the Voomers who did not receive the drug in time and turned into a Boomer.

The Voomers that were going crazy every Friday night were doing so as a result of the adrenaline junkies.