The adrenaline junkies are a group of humans who get off watching Boomers commit destruction and rampage across Megatokyo. The group, about a dozen of them, put on receiver headsets and strip, laying on couches around the primary receiver. The Boomer they have chosen has a transmitter implanted in it that transmitted sights, sounds, even the feel of artificial adrenaline. To the junkies, it feels as if they were doing it themselves. The experience was exhilarating and pleasurable, causing the men and women present to feel orgasms.

History: Parasite Dolls Edit

A Faint Voice Edit

A group of them was active in Megatokyo. Every Friday evening a Boomer would go out of control and they would enjoy the sensations. One of the Boomer shown was a driver who ran rampant across the highways, knocking cars off roads and bridges. The final one was the pilot of an armed military helicopter.

Reiko found one of their transmitters implanted in a Boomer and traced the frequency back to the apartment they were using. She shot the receiver with her Fire Bee's gun and they were arrested by the A.D. Police.